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Technical support during the installation of our solutions and even after is a priority for us at Magister. Increasing the quality and the availability of these services is a constant preoccupation certified by constant investments in logistics and personnel training.

Since 2005 when we started organizing and standardizing technical support services we have grasped a fundamental truth: there is no complete software solution without quality, nationwide, technical assistance. As a consequence, our strategy of implementing technical support services has followed these guidelines:

  • Systematizing the installation and maintenance processes through strict procedures that are specific for each operation;
  • Extensive documentation for all software and hardware components that are part of our solutions.
  • Implementing a system based on a CRM software solution that allows structuring all the carried out services;
  • Developing a nationwide network of highly specialized partners by launching the Magister Certified Partner Program;

The technical support provided for Magister solutions are provided either direcly by our company or by one of the members of our network. We have implemented a call-center system for incoming notices and inquiries that is capable of handling 50 simultaneous calls. All notices made through the call center are registered in the CRM system and receive a ticket number. Our clients can know at any time the status of their notices thanks to e-mail notifications that are send whenever a change is made.

Every service Magister or our partners provide agree to an unique SLA (Service Level Agreement) that runs on three time parameters: RN (Reaction to Notification), RFSS (Notified System Restored) and SS (Notification Solved). These parameters fall in the following priority system attributes: low, normal, and high.

All our Certified Partners are integrated in the same CRM system in order to have an accurate and complete perspective on response time and quality of delivered servces. Magister provides audio and video pro bono support for the whole network thus ensuring a fast and reliable transfer of know-how on a national level.

The main available support types are: Solution Service, Fiscal Assistance, and Help desk.

Thanks to their high reliability of Magister solutions approximately 85% of the received notifications don’t require on-site assistance (see the left diagram for a 2008-2011 statistic). The majority of cases are solved by remote internet access of the notified system. This way time spent in solving a situation dramatically decreases.

Service and on-site fiscal assistance for cash registers are delivered by our own or our partner’s technical field representatives.

“I’m Stefania Berceanu and I manage the Magister Technical Support Department. Correctly assessing notifications and assigning tickets are a very important part of my daily workflow. Making sure that response times are right and tickets closed are my two foremost goals.

Unfortunately call centers are not a place where satisfied customers usually call. People contacting us have problems they want solved in the blink of an eye. I am proud so say that since I’ve been managing the department there hasn’t been one unsolved notification.

Nevertheless I know there ‘s always place for improvement. This is why please let me know if you have any suggestions or opinions regarding the improvement of our activity by filling out the form below: “

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