Magister Certified Partners

Magister promotes a business concept that incorporates the capacity to continuously provide professional services to our customers regardless of the location of their business.
Here you will find how our technical support network is organized and how we manage to sustain a homogenous quality of the services we provide anywhere in the country.

In order to ensure the high quality of our services, in 2004 our company implemented the Magister Certified Partner Program. The program is open to any company that wishes to specialize in the implementation, maintenance, and post-implementation support of the retail solutions based on the SmartCash RMS platform.

Licenta Profesionala Magister

Professional qualification stands at the heart of Certified Partner Program. This is also the main requirement for the admission of partner companies. The personnel enrolled in the program have access to instruction through a modern on-line platform. After completing the courses for one or more of the available qualifications, each student has to take the annual examination which is programmed each April. By passing the examination a student can obtain or renew a professional license from Magister.

Magister Software offers the following qualifications listed by order of importance:

Earning a professional license from Magister is not an easy task since it requires solid knowledge. This is the reason we pride ourselves with over 76 highly qualified professionals from all over the country.

After qualifying their personnel, the companies enrolled in the program go through the process of an operational evaluation and may receive one of the 3 Magister certifications:

1st level – Authorized Installation Center

Centru de instalare autorizat Magister

First level certification is aimed at start-up companies and offers them the opportunity to carry out authorized installation services for SmartCash solutions.

2nd – Authorized Training and Interventions Center

Centru de training si interventie autorizat

Second level certification enables partner companies, by outsourcing, to provide several other highly specialized services besides simple solution implementations. At the same time this type of certification allows partners to perform reccurent authorized revisions.

3rd – Authorized Service and Technical Support Center

Centru de Service si Suport Tehnic Autorizat Magister

Third level certification is the highest level a Magister partner can attain. It certifies the existence of a staff of professionals specialized in SmartCash solutions and the complete implementation of the support procedures. Third-level partners are connected to Magister’s own support system and employ dedicated call center numbers that can support up to 20 simultaneous calls. Their helpdesk departments serve customers in the area. Thanks to their capacity of meeting Magister’s SLA, third-level partners are allowed to contract post-implementation services subscriptions. Magister vouches for the services third-level partners provide.

Call Center Numbers for Magister Authorized Support

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