Retail Equipment

Magister retails all the speciality equipment your shops needs.

Try it before you buy it! Come to our showroom and test the equipment!
If you already know what equipment your store needs, order it now on our on-line shop,!
If you you are going for a safe bet, buy the equipement and the software in a tailor-made solution! Not only it will cost less but you will get free advice from our consultants!

Cash Registers

We are authorized on a national level by the Ministry of Finances to retail, register, and service any model of electronic cash register device from the following brands:

  • Activa
  • Datecs
  • Elka
  • Euro
  • Optima
  • Total
  • Tremol

No matter what type of cash register you want for your shop, mobile or stationary, basic or advanced models that have a PC interface, we have over 35 models for you to choose from.

Digital Scales

We have a most diverse offer of retail digital scales that fall in the follwing categories: regular, labeling, platforms or hook scales. These are the brands we supply:

  • Aclas
  • Celly
  • CAS
  • Datecs
  • Dibal
  • DIGI
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Selirom
  • Vedia

Bar Code Scanners

We have selected only the most prestigious bar code scanner international brands. We know from our own experience that cheap low quality scanners can be a real headache. Slow, erroneous scans and other kinds of bugs can seriously hinder your shop’s workflow. We provide you with the following quality brands of bar code scanners:

  • Symbol
  • Metrologic
  • Honeywell
  • Datalogic
  • PSC

All-in-One POS Touchscreen Terminals

Our programs have been especially designed to run on this technology and over time we have collaborated with the majority of international touchscreen hardware suppliers. We have developed a special partnership with Tycho Electronic, the producer of EloTouch terminals, with the help of whom we launched unprecedented projects for the Romanian retail. Magister retails the following brands of All-in-One terminals:

  • EloTouch
  • Posiflex
  • Birch

Various Accessories & Stationery

Besides the previously presented hardware, Magister also provides a wide array of specific accessories and stationery such as:

  • Bar code printers
  • Departmental printers
  • Banknote counter
  • Price checkers
  • Mobile computers
  • Sertare de bani Cash drawers
  • Alphanumerical displays
  • Cash register paper rolls
  • Thermal label rolls


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