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SmartCash Retail Management System developed by Magister Software is a powerful software suite designed for small and medium retailers. The suite is comprised of software components that provide a highly automated workflow both in the Point-of-Sale area, in the store’s Back Office or Head Office and many other advanced tools for the complete management of an independent shop or an entire chain with hundreds of stores.

SmartCash RMS is a very scalable software platform that can perform just as well in basic retail solutions that feature nothing more than a cash register and a PC as in elaborate, multi-station solutions that are suitable for large supermarkets.

The suite is highly adaptable to many prerequisites and conditions due to the native support it offers for a large array of retail devices and appliances such as: cash registers and fiscal printers, digital printing scales, bar code scanners, price checkers, label printers, and mobile computers. Magister continuously makes investments in the integration of high-quality retail equipment in the solutions they provide retailers.

SmartCash Retail Management System features the following 10 software components:

  • SmartCash Shop

SmartCash Shop is the key-component of the suite. The program features all the necessary tools for the management of a store’s back office.

  • SmartCash POS

SmartCash POS is the Point-of-Sale application responsible with sales processes which employ either fiscal printers or POS terminals and retail workstations.

  • SmartCash ECR

SmartCash ECR is a necessary application for retail solutions comprised of an on-line cash register connected to a back office PC.

  • SmartCash Mobility

SmartCash Mobility is the suite of applications responsible with mobile data collection.

  • SmartCash Check

SmartCash Check is the application that provides interactive price checking.

  • SmartCash Netbridge

SmartCash Netbridge is an essential application of the suite for chains of stores. The application centralizes all the transactions made throughout the chain.

  • SmartCash Lynx

SmartCash Lynx is responsible with the automated data synchronization in retail chains.

  • SmartCash Fidelity

SmartCash Fidelity helps complex customer fidelity policies be deployed easily.

  • SmartCash Oxygen

SmartCash Oxygen is a powerful business intelligence tool which helps managers have a complete overview of their business and plan extensively future developments.

  • SmartCash Gateway

SmartCash Gateway integrates the suite with any ERP application a company may employ.

One of platform’s core advantages is its high compatibility with other business applications, through the international EDI standard, therefore being ready to be integrated in global retail systems. In time, Magister developed numerous data transfer interfaces (SAP iDoc XML, Text etc) in order for SmartCash RMS to integrate with ERP software, various accounting or BI applications, and other business tools that larger companies usually employ. So far, SmartCash RMS has been integrated with the following ERP programs: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Navision, Mago.Net, Assis, Winmentor.

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