Country Store

You have managed to save money and you are willing to bring your shop up to date? This is what you need to know!

You have probably had your share of shopping sprees in modern stores whenever you traveled to the city.  So have Neatly displayed items that are properly labeled and tills laden with bestselling products have enticed you as well and you have probably thought you will never be able to have your shop looking like that…

Well… that is just not true. Perseverance and discipline will help you attain all of our goals. One of our priorities has always been keeping software and store equipment in an extremely affordable price range for our customers.

The solution at hand for country stores provides the complete automation of the sales process by connecting the cash register to a bar code scanner. For the back office you will just need a computer your employees already use to play Warcraft on. The computer will help manage stocks and label incoming merchandise. You will also need a software license especially designed for small shops such as yours that comes at a very affordable price.

Once your shop has made it to third millennium you will behold an increase in the number of minutes your customers spend shopping and longer shopping lists. See it with your own eyes!

The following infographic shows you all the elements that are comprised by the solution:

In this model, the shop’s management system relies on a back office PC connected to a bar code scanner for checking in the incoming goods and an office printer to print the GRN’s and any other mandatory document.

As for the front office, the Point-of-Sale will feature an on-line cash register connected to the back office PC. Next you will just need a bar code scanner and things you will go as smoothly as in a supermarket.

If you are already using a Datecs MP500TR (as the one shown in the picture above) then you are in luck! This is the most compatible cash register for a PC connection. No matter how old it is, maybe 5 ore even 10 years, you will be able to use it for many years to come. Unfortunately this model is no longer produced (which is a pity if you asked us) but if you need a new cash register than go for the Elka 743 VF which has a reliable on-line interface and an affordable price.

Shopping Cart

Front Office:

  • Elka 743VF on-line cash register;
  • Unidirectional bar code scanner(Symbol LS2208 with a serial port);
  • Cash Drawer;
  • Surge protection outlet;
  • UPS of minimum 650VA;

BackOffice :

  • MultiCom back office workstation;
  • Unidirectional bar code scanner;
  • Keyboard and mouse;
  • Laser printer;
  • Surge protection outlet;
  • UPS of minimum 1100VA;

BackOffice :

  • SmartCash Shop Compact;
  • SmartCash ECR;

(*) OEM software licenses, that were bought together with equipment will cost up to 35% less than Retail licenses that are purchased separately.

Activities & Duration:

  • Installation – Approx. 2 hrs.;
  • Personnel Training – Approx. 10 hrs.;
  • Opening Assistance – Approx. 2 hrs.;
  • Inventory Assistance – Approx. 2 hrs.;

Total implementation number of hours: 16 hrs.(*);

(*) The total number of hours is set for the opening of the first store from scratch.

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