SmartCash Authorized Dealers

On this page you will find from where to acquire a professional solution for your shop and how to contact the closest commercial consultant for SmartCash RMS solutions.

The SmartCash Authorized Dealer Program is an open platform designed for companies from anywhere in Romania that wish to sell SmartCash RMS Solutions.

An Authorized SmartCash RMS dealership acts as a commercial consultancy service, that uses solution analysis and direct sales assistance from Magister Software in order to tailor adequate retail solutions for customers. Companies in this category can improve their consultation services, in order to design retail systems that are optimal for each client, by taking qualification classes for SmartCash RMS solutions.

Regarding the commercial aspect, the solutions are contracted directly with Magister Software, while the dealer is authorized to close deals in the company’s name. This way, each client benefits from a direct connection with the solution provider, who guarantees efficient and standardized implementation processes and who assumes the whole responsibility for the quality of the provided solution. This is how Magister understands and the delivers turnkey shops, the concept that is part of the company’s slogan “Turnkey solutions for retail”.

Magister Software maintains a nationally unique pricing plan for the components comprised in the solutions: software licenses, hardware, and installation services. SmartCash Dealers from anywhere in Romania apply the same estimates for the solutions they design.

How do I find the nearest Authorized SmartCash Dealer?

Certificat Dealer Autorizat Magister

You can identify SmartCash RMS vendors by the SmartCash Authorized Dealer logo displayed on the right side of this page.

Each company that is accepted in the program receives a certificate of authorization that specifies the duration of its validity. The authorization to resell is not unlimited and it is renewed on an annual basis starting on the 1st of May. Every SmartCash RMS Dealer is required by contract to present customers, upon request, the commercial mandate contract that enables them to act locally as a representative for Magister Software.

In this section’s sidebar you will find the updated list of all the SmartCash RMS dealerships, divided by counties. Each county presents all the vendors who cover that particular area.

On each of our dealers’ page you will find their contact information as well as a map.

Mihaela Petcu-ok 150“My name is Mihaela Petcu and I am the National Sales Manager at Magister Software.

An important part of my workday is represented by the activity of coordinating sales advisers from around the country.

With the help of my coworkers I provide specialized consultancy and commercial support for each one of our territorial representatives. It is not always easy because sometimes identifying the needs of a client can be quite a challenge.

Please contact me using the form below if you have questions or you feel like finding out more about SmartCash solutions.”