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SmartCash RMS: The solution for LaDoiPasi
23 ianuarie 2013

More and more LaDoiPasi stores, a METRO Cash&Carry franchise, choose turnkey retail solutions based on SmartCash RMS. How does one explain the expansion of convenience stores in the age of hypermarkets and what are the advantages that software solutions bring to small retail businesses are two questions your average retailer has an answer to.

500 LaDoiPasi stores were opened in 2012 throughout the country and as many are planned to open in 2013. How did convenience stores manage to win over customers despite hypermarkets’ domination? By offering customers the same benefits – and even some perks! – they find with larger retailers.

First of all, vicinity, is an advantage that large retail outlets lack since most of them are situated out of the city. LaDoiPasi minimarkets are located in neighborhoods key-points and have a local, regular clientele. This way, retailers can apply loyalty policies easier by using specialized retail solutions that allow a detailed configuration of discount and allowances and even credit – a very common purchase convention in rural areas.

There are also many LaDoiPasi stores where customers can make utilities payments directly at the Point-of-Sale or buy prepaid credit from their mobile network operator. Using SmartCash RMS, retailers can process this kind of online payments easily and safely without needing any additional devices.

Supplying, a key-element for small and medium sized retailers, is also more accessible thanks to advanced options and features such as automatic orders, a functionality that makes a shop manager’s job easier by allowing him to set up an automatic supplying routine for best-selling items such as bread.

Even small businesses can manage inventory and supplying accurately if they choose to employ modern retail software which can provide complex activity reports and a clear worksflow overview at any time.

These were just a few of the reasons why many LaDoiPasi minimarkets or supermarkets run on SmartCash Retail Management System. Among them, the For Family chain which implemented the software platfom in their store on 160 Stirbei Voda St., in December 2012. The other two stores are situated on Chitila Avenue and Ficusului Boulevard.

„SmartCash RMS from Magister is the IT solution that impressed me the most because of the way my sales staff accepted it. I am saying this because employees involved in a change management process are rarely this enthusiastic and positive about the application. I was expecting to be told that the previous application was better at this or that, because this was the case in other implementations, but I’ve never had any objection for SmartCash, just praises!

Gabriel Cristian Sandu, For Family General Manager

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